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Speclaser 808

Speclaser 808 instrument introduction

• The world's first super hair removal mode, 808nm laser optimal wavelength can continuously release laser energy,
Heats the hair follicle ends through the skin to thoroughly remove any superfine or stubborn hairs.Fast, safe and long-lasting.

• Adopt German DIAS600W diode output.

• The 15mm radiation head doubles the laser energy, which greatly reduces the number of treatment sessions and the treatment time, up to 5 times, while achieving skin rejuvenation.

• Sapphire crystal head and unique coating coverage technology can improve light transmission and uniformity, avoid leakage light affects the cooling effect between the laser and the skin.

• Efficient constant temperature self-adjusting technology can fully cool the treatment area where the light source reaches, avoiding burns during treatment
Injure the epidermis and produce a tingling sensation to achieve safe and painless hair removal.

• Intelligent power controller, multiple safety detection technology combined with water channel, cooling system and circuit department branches are automatically monitored to ensure the safety of customers. 

Speclaser 808

The world's first super hair removal mode "808nm laser"

Speclaser 808激光脫毛優惠
Speclaser 808 激光脫毛優惠
Speclaser 808 激光脫毛優惠
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