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Skin Clinic 新一代醫學美容品牌眼霜精華

The founder Cayetano L. Gutiérrez Solano is a pharmacist. Since 1989, many local doctors in Spain have been invited to cooperate with dermatologists, medical cosmetologists and nutritionists to specifically solve and formulate different skin problems.

After more than 20 years of continuous research, Carmado S.L Laboratory was finally born in 2009. As a high-tech laboratory, with world-class safety and hygiene standards, it specializes in researching, designing and creating the most powerful and long-lasting medical cosmetic skin care products. With the continuous efforts of Cayetano L. Gutiérrez Solano and his medical team, SkinClinic was finally praised and became a new generation of medical beauty brand.

Skin Clinic Home Care product 新一代醫學美容品牌眼霜精華護膚
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