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Icoone Laser

Made in Italy

Icoone Laser Italian revolutionary laser equipment, simultaneously provides 4 effects of perfect skin: laser fat melting, drainage, remodeling, firming

  • Improves circulation: promotes oxygenation and detoxification

  • Stimulate metabolism and enhance fat breakdown

  • Firming: stimulates fibroblasts

  • Drainage: improves lymphatic circulation

  • Cell regeneration: stimulates collagen and elastin production

  • Reduce local fat deposition: stimulate fat cell metabolism

ICOONE®LASER patented technology is a "non-invasive laser fat-melting body shaping technology":

I-Tech Industries creates high-tech instruments with very firm scientific principles. In fact, the project was inspired by the insights of Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a specialist in reconstructive surgery of connective tissue structures, a new insight that completely replaces the traditional concept of lamellar tissue, thus creating a new approach to the treatment of the skin .

ICOONE®LASER consists of independent segmented negative pressure rollers plus 915 nm laser and 650 nm LED, which provide mechanical action to help fat move to the lymphatic system, increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. To restore and enhance the natural function of cells. It gently and intensively regulates the skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits; it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to quickly smooth and firm the skin.

These complementary mechanisms provide more effective, faster and safer skin tightening, fat melting and body shaping effects.

​Nursing Features

ICOONE®LASER offers an exclusive combination of non-invasive body sculpting technologies

  • The 915nm laser has been clinically shown to penetrate into tissues and be absorbed by lipids to soften fat cells.

  • 650nm LED phototherapy can change the permeability of fat cell membrane, so that the fat after 915nm laser treatment moves to the interstitial space.

  •   The mechanical action provided by the independent motorized rollers helps move fat to the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage.

  •  Through the microhole array on the roller, the segmented negative pressure suction generated gently pulls the skin using three rotation directions according to the type of tissue. And combined with the stimulation of 1180 micropores per square centimeter, it causes important physiological effects to restore and enhance the natural functions of cells.

  • icoone® is the only device in the world with a patented treatment for the following items: connective tissue, fibrous tissue, elastic tissue, adipose tissue, muscle tissue, microcapillary circulation 

  •   With its proprietary Roboderm® patent, icoone® is the only one that can provide "Segmented Negative Pressure 1180 Roller Microporous Stimulation Technology" In other words, this is the treatment of connective tissue bands revolution.

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