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Made in Korea

MegaMax HI-EMT Technology (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer)

High-energy focused electromagnetic field training, which non-invasively passes through the body and interacts with motor neurons, which then trigger large muscle contractions due to action potentials, while the brain sends messages to stimulate motor neurons. Frequent contraction of muscles at these high speeds results in muscle strengthening. Energy penetrates into deeper muscle tissue through preset programs designed according to different body parts and different purposes, intensively stimulating and training muscles.


Stimulated muscles increase blood circulation and burn calories. It's like lying down and doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and then produces the effect of After Burn 

spontaneous fat burning.


In addition, to increase muscle growth while burning fat, Build Muscle + Burn Fat short-term treatment, it burns a lot of calories, the metabolic rate (Metaboli crate) is increased, so that you can continue to lose fat even after the course of treatment.


MegaMax Water Cooling System

The continuous water cooling technology of the patented refrigeration system prevents the treatment head from generating high temperature, greatly improves the output power of the magnetic wave ring, and is very stable. It is absolutely unparalleled in the market for body shaping and slimming equipment.

​Nursing Features

MegaMax Strengthens Muscle

MegaMax Muscle Sculpting Treatment stimulates muscle growth and burns fat to shape muscle lines. Medical research reports indicate that the effect of lying still for 30 minutes is far better than doing 30,000 sit-ups. In addition to saving exercise time, the effect is more significant than exercise. It helps to shape a healthy body and presents the beauty of the waistline and peach buttocks. It is especially suitable for mothers who have increased belly circumference due to the separation of the rectus abdominis after childbirth, and mothers with loose belly to restore their body posture.

MegaMax Pain Relief

Increase blood circulation by stimulating blood vessels, accelerate the discharge of lactic acid, reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and pressure, and speed up physical recovery. Increase muscle and reduce fat, while stimulating collagen and strengthening elasticity.

MegaMax Pelvic Floor Repair

MegaMax uses non-contact electromagnetic field technology to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tissue, effectively lift the bladder, vaginal sphincter or prostate muscles that are loose due to menopause and postpartum, restore elasticity and firmness, do not take off clothes, easy, painless and without recovery period, suitable for men and women .

MegaMax 增肌減脂
MegaMax 增肌減脂
MegaMax 緊密椅私密保養
MegaMax 增肌減脂
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