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Made in Italy

Anti Aging System

Non-invasive treatment, targeting three different layers of skin to achieve "triple lifting".

It can be applied instantly, and the effect is instant.

European EUHIFU can lock the position of the SHAS layer of the face, while the fan-shaped design can cover the face and connect the facial muscles to the dermis layer, while HIFU only needs to be heated to stimulate collagen regeneration, effectively tighten and lift up face contour and improve neck lines.

Facial Shaping

Forehead lines, eyebrows, smooth fine lines, V cheeks, face contour lines, neck lines


Body Shaping

EU Hifu replaces surgical operation with non-invasive and non-invasive technology, and repels fat for people that are having a hard time in weight loss. Using IMHZ high-energy ultrasonic wave, plus the treatment head with focal depth of 6mm and 9mm, the sensor can accurately deliver energy to subcutaneous fat cells. Through the "thermal effect", not only zero damage to the surrounding skin tissue, but also precisely destroy the deep fat in our body, and create a perfect line under the safest condition.

Instrument Features

1. Professional R&D Team

Developed and designed by the Italian National Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC), and certified by TUV Rheinland, Germany

2. Exclusive Treatment Head Design

European brand-new slimming design, and equipped with "water flow buffer" calibration technology, to provide you with safer and more accurate care.

3. Designed for Human Cortex

Three kinds of skin penetration (1.5mm superficial layer/3.0mm dermis layer/4.5mm direct subcutaneous tissue fascia layer) treatment head with different surface depths, focusing on improving different skin types' problems.

4. Flexible Scanning System

Positioning laser guidance technology, you can choose "line length" and "pulse duration" to precisely control energy density and fluence.

5. Precise Thermal Effects

Accurately transmit heat energy to the treatment site, so that the local target temperature rises by at least 65°C, and the firming effect can be achieved immediately.

Without damaging the surrounding tissue, the thermal energy activates the collagen contraction, which immediately tightens and lifts the facial skin, and improves neck lines and fine lines on the entire face.

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