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Venus Legacy

Made in Israel

Venus Legacy instrument introduction

•Multipolar RF: 8 external electrodes and 4 internal electrodes can provide uniform heat distribution, which is helpful for collagen remodeling and synthesis at different tissue depths.

• Magnetic Pulse: The non-thermal mechanism can stimulate the release of skin growth factor (FGF-2) to trigger the synthesis of new collagen, new fibroblasts and new blood vessels to achieve a longer-lasting effect.

•  Pulsed mechanical vibration VariPulse ™: Positive and negative air pressure can improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, increase customer comfort through air cooling on the skin surface, and help the lipolysis effect of radiofrequency.

•  Instant temperature detection: The thermometer combined with the detection head can continuously contact the surface of the tissue, providing continuous temperature display, which can improve effect and safety.

Venus Legacy

Advanced (MP)2 magnetic frequency technology with patented pulsed mechanical vibration and instant temperature detection for increased safety and predictable, consistent efficacy

DEP無針注射-Dermoelectroporation無創電子穿透技術-FDA認證 1.jpg
DEP無針注射-Dermoelectroporation無創電子穿透技術-FDA認證 2.jpg
DEP無針注射-Dermoelectroporation無創電子穿透技術-FDA認證 3.jpg
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