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Product Features

・ Restores younger, smoother, radiant and firmer skin

・Reduces deep wrinkles and expression lines ・Protects skin from aging due to oxidative stress

・ Dermostamine technology effectively improves epidermal cell regeneration, plant stem cells extracted from Swiss apples

・PhytoCellTecTM plant stem cell culture technology, skin stem cells can proliferate longer, promote skin health and regeneration, and delay signs of aging.

・A cream containing apple stem cells, applied to the eye area and used continuously for 28 days, twice a day.

・ As a result, deep wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced.

・ This product does not contain non-skin-friendly mineral oils (paraffin, petroleum jelly, etc.), and they contain cold-pressed vegetable pure oils with high skin-friendly properties.

・All products do not contain artificial fragrances, and the natural and mild fragrance can reduce skin allergies.


Main Ingredient

Hyaluronic acid-hyaluronic acid, Palmaria palmata extract-palmaria red algae extract, Esculin-horse chestnut, Algins-brown algae, Shea butter-shea butter, Algae extract and pullulan complex-seaweed extract and pullulan polysaccharide complex , Ultra-shining micropearls-ultra-fine pearl luster ingredients, Jojoba oil-jojoba oil, Vitamin E-vitamin E



  • ・ Dermostamine activates epidermal stem cells

    ・Prolong skin youth cells

    ・ Effectively promote skin regeneration

    ・ Reduces the appearance of aging signs

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