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Icoone Laser Focus Program - Face Eye Neck Lift Firming


Instrument Introduction

• utilizes independent segmented negative pressure double rollers

• combines 650 LED light and 915 laser energy

• causes a mild thermal effect on adipocytes) and increases cell membrane permeability

• These perfect complementary mechanisms provide more effective, faster and safer to achieve: fat melting, drainage, body sculpting and skin tightening.

• The needles of Icoone Laser have been specially treated, and the outer layer is covered with a special metal coating. This material has been tested on the skin and can reduce the
Skin allergies occur. Each needle is gold-plated to minimize the allergic reaction to the human body, and the part other than the needle 0.5 mm is made of an insulating film that is harmless to the human body.

• Make the epidermis of the skin not transmit radio frequency, only transmit to the dermis of the skin. In this way, the existing optical equipment can reduce the risk of darkening the skin
side effect.

Icoone Laser Focus Program - Face Eye Neck Lift Firming

  • ICL020

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