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Instrument Introduction

  • One line dot matrix ‧ Needle-free thread embedding, brand new in Europe
  • Flexible Scanning System Positioning Laser Guidance Technology
  • Patent design water flow buffer alignment technology
  • Improve the safety/accuracy and meticulousness of the course of treatment
  • It can be used to deeply dissolve fat in the target fat layer of the body


Instrument Features

1. Professional R&D team

Developed and designed by the Italian National Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC), and certified by TUV Rheinland, Germany

2. Exclusive treatment head design

European new slimming design, and equipped with "water flow buffer" calibration technology, to give you safer and more accurate care.

3. Designed for human cortex

Three kinds of treatment heads with different depths of skin penetration (surface layer/dermis layer/subcutaneous tissue), focusing on improving different skin quality problems.

4. Flexible scanning system

Positioning laser guidance technology, you can choose "line number length" and "pulse duration" to precisely control energy density and fluence.

5. Precise Thermal Effects

Accurately transmit heat energy to the treatment site, so that the local target temperature can be raised by at least 65°C, and the firming effect can be achieved immediately.

Without damaging the surrounding tissue, the thermal energy activates the collagen contraction, tightens and lifts the facial skin instantly, and improves neck lines and fine lines on the whole face.

EU HIFU - Neck Wrinkle Care

  • 45mins/treatment

  • EUH-N001

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